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Welcome to our Goddesswear shop, where women's sportswear and athletic apparel are designed and made for fashion, comfort and quality.

Goddesswear has been designed with the most original and beautiful casual wear collection of pants, jackets and skirts made from a unique stretch corduroy material. The feeling is so comfortable and luxurious... You'll love it!

Goddesswear also offers the finest women's activewear for aerobics, bodybuilding, weight training, Yoga, Pilates or dancing that are fit for a goddess.

The exercise line of sports bras, tank tops, shorts, jackets and pants is made with high quality Supplex, a fiber that is soft to the touch and evaporates sweat quickly combined with Lycra for elasticity and resistance, that fits like a second skin. No active apparel can compare

Goddesswear is designed and made in Rio de Janeiro, where women's bodies are worshipped and honored. You will love the feel, the fit and custom dyed colors of our beautiful line of stretchy active wear.

We are currently offering Corduroy and Supplex lines in our online shop. Click on the navigation menus to the left of your screen to browse our selection.

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